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Kare Ethiopia Resturant

The Kare Ethiopian cultural restaurant is opened with aim of entertaining its beloved guests and promoting Ethiopian culture. historical background and life style, Situated in USA,


Tuesday to Friday 11am - 9pm
Saturday - Sunday 11am - 11pm
Monday Closed

More about Ethiopian Food

Ethiopian food is one of the most exciting cuisines in the world. Not only our food extremely unique and extraordinarily flavorful, but the food culture that makes up and also something you will found it truly fascinating. Ethiopian food is eaten with friends and family. Even the way our food is served, on a communal platter, is designed for sharing food with each other. Food is not meant to be eaten alone in the culture of Ethiopia.

Kare Menu

Shekela Tebes
Lean meat with different seasoned ruthenic spices


Kare Special Kitfo
Lean meat with different seasoned ruthenic spices


Special Tebes
Lean meat with different seasoned ruthenic spices


Ethiopian Coffee | with Cultural Ceremony

Sunday Afternoon

Free Coffe(ነፃ ቡና )

Each 15 days (በየ15 ቀን ቅዳሜ)

Coffee ceremony of Ethiopia and Eritrea is a core cultural custom in Ethiopia and Eritrea. There is a routine of serving coffee daily, mainly for the purpose of getting together with relatives, neighbors, or other visitors. If coffee is politely declined, then tea will most likely be served. Our restaurant offer a free coffee on every Sunday afternoon.




Ethiopian Resturant

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You're invited Saturday September 30st and Sunday October 1st for our Meskel Party. We will have live entertainment and full beffet. The buffet contains vegetarian and meant dishes. Including special Kitfo and various vegetarian foods. We will start at 7pm and end late in the night. Mark your calenders!!